Same rules as BRAWL except…

Each player draws the same number of CHI TOKENS at the start of the fight. These act as your Health Meter during the battle!

The fighter to the left of the dealer attacks first. HOWEVER, they are able to attack ANY other fighter in the game by calling them out! Players then exchange a flurry of blows until the exchange is over. If a player cannot play on an attack card, a blow is landed and they must subtract one of their Chi Tokens. If a fighter takes a hit, the next attacker may NOT attack that same fighter, and that fighter remains invulnerable until they are able to draw on their next turn OR another fighter loses one of their chi tokens making that player invulnerable.

The last man standing with one or more Chi Tokens is deemed the MASTER!

If you play any combo attack, you may then draw another card from the deck immediately.

If a PUNCH is played on a PUNCH, or a KICK on a KICK, on a matching element it allows the defender to play another attack of the same element or a defensive card!

Playing a BLOCK ends the battle and your opponent must discard one card of their choosing!

On every fighter’s turn, they may refill their hand up to the original amount of cards dealt.

If a fighter falls in battle and loses all of their Chi Tokens, they are removed from play. In addition, any cards that they may have been holding when they lose are also removed from play and shall not be shuffled back into the draw deck until a MASTER has been determined and the next round begun.

A CHAOS card can be played at any point in the game, your turn or not. The fighter can then choose to either restore a Chi Token back to their health meter, or decide that everyone else loses one of their Chi Tokens.

Once a CHAOS card is played it is set aside from the discard pile not to be played again until the next round.

The last man standing with one or more Chi Tokens is deemed the MASTER!