SHOWDOWN can be played as an EXTENSION of BASIC, or many other Card Kata games OR on it’s own, as a 2 PLAYER experience!

Two fighters are positioned across the table from each other. If the SHOWDOWN is carried over from another game, they keep their remaining cards in hand. The MASTER combines the draw deck and discard pile, shuffles them, and deals all of the cards to the two fighters. They then add the cards left in their hands to these decks. They may shuffle the cards in or place them anywhere in the deck that they would like, keeping the decks face down. With their decks in one hand, the fighters draw three cards from the top of their respective decks and place the cards face up in front of them.

The MASTER counts down 3-2-1 FIGHT!

Each fighter takes the top card from their DRAW DECKS and places it face up, to their right, between them and their opponent.

Now the fighters can play their 3 face up cards on either PLAYZONE with any ATTACK that MATCHES the ELEMENT established on that ZONE.

Fighters can then play their face up cards on either PLAYZONE with any ATTACK that MATCHES the ELEMENT on that ZONE. The fighters must continuously refill the 3 spaces with the TOP CARD from their DRAW DECK as they continue to fight!

A DEFENSE or CHAOS card LOCKS a PLAYZONE, preventing an opponent from playing there. When a LOCK card is played, the fighter MUST say, “LOCKED!” to alert their opponent. A zone can only be UNLOCKED by the fighter who LOCKED it by playing an ATTACK card of ANY ELEMENT. However, the CHAOS card can be played at ANY TIME! If a fighter LOCKS a PLAYZONE, the other fighter can seize that zone by playing the CHAOS CARD!

LOCK cards CANNOT be played on top of other LOCK cards. Locked ZONES must be opened for play with an ATTACK before they can be LOCKED again!

If neither fighter is able to ATTACK a ZONE, the MASTER counts down again and each fighter draws the top card from their DRAW DECK onto the ZONE to their right. If a fighter has no cards left in their DRAW DECK, they must draw from their face-up cards!

Whomever plays all of their cards first is THE WINNER! The loser is deemed the WRETCHED DOG and is the dealer for the next fight!

NOTE: Once a fighter runs out of cards in their DRAW DECK, it is ILLEGAL to use both hands to fight! Using two hands is grounds for INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION!