• Fighters are dealt 1 additional card over the standard amount per player.

  • Play clockwise to start.

  • Only the CHAOS card has the power to change the direction of gameplay!

The fighter to the left of the dealer plays first, attacking the fighter to their left with any elemental ATTACK.

The fighter being attacked can then defend with a JUMP or the same attack of the same element played i.e.; FIRE PUNCH to FIRE PUNCH, WATER KICK to WATER KICK

For example, if a WIND KICK is played against a WIND KICK, the aggressor draws a card from the deck and the opportunity to attack is granted to the next fighter. 

If either fighter is unable to play on an attack from their opponent, they are forced to draw a card and play continues to the next fighter.

If a JUMP is played on its own, the defender can play either a PUNCH or a KICK of the matching element. If the defender doesn’t have an attack in the same element, the hand is over and the opportunity to attack goes to the next fighter. 

The defender also has the option of playing any DEFENSIVE cards against an attack. Defensive cards may be played on PUNCHES or KICKS, but not on JUMPS.

A DODGE card passes the attack back to the aggressor, who can then attack or combo again in the SAME element that they led with. If the aggressor is unable to play on the DODGE, the fighter that played the DODGE can attack again with the SAME element, if able. If no one is able to play on the DODGE, the hand is over and play continues to the next fighter.

A COUNTER allows the defender to counter-attack the aggressor with any ELEMENTAL ATTACK of their choice. If a COUNTER is played as the last card, the fighter must draw a card and then can play that card if it is an attack or a CHAOS. If it is a CHAOS, the player can play that card, but then EVERYONE, including the fighter that played the CHAOS as their final card, must draw a card from the deck. The fighter who played the CHAOS card gets to choose the direction and attack again.

A BLOCK will prevent any attack, forcing the aggressor to take his attack back into his hand, ending the battle.

A CHAOS card can be played at any point during play, whether it’s your turn or not! When played, all other players must draw a card, and whomever played the CHAOS gets to chose the direction of play and attack!

You become MASTER when you run out of all of your cards. Fighters continue playing until there are two fighters left and they enter the showdown.