basic rules


Remove the ARROW card from the deck and place it in front of the dealer pointing clockwise.. Establish a rule for the BLANK card or remove it from play. Shuffle and deal the following amount of cards to each fighter, depending on the size of the party:

  • 2 PLAYERS - 10 Card Hand

  • 3 PLAYERS - 9 Card Hand

  • 4 PLAYERS - 8 Card Hand

  • 5 PLAYERS - 7 Card Hand


Place the remaining cards in a draw deck near the center of the table and designate a space to be the discard pile. Fighters will play by placing their cards in the center of the table.. Place the ARROW card in front of the dealer, pointing left. The fighter to the left of the dealer begins by playing an ATTACK card in the element of their choice by placing it in the center of the table.

The next fighter may play an ATTACK that MATCHES the ESTABLISHED ELEMENT or they may play a valid DEFENSE card. If a fighter cannot make a valid play, they must draw a card from the draw deck and end their turn.

If NO fighter can play, the field clears to whomever played the last card, and they can ATTACK again!

The last card played MUST be a PUNCH or KICK. If the last card in a hand is a JUMP, DEFENSE or CHAOS card, the fighter may play that card but they must immediately draw a new card from the DRAW DECK. If the DRAW DECK runs out of cards, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the new DRAW DECK.

If the DRAW DECK runs out of cards, the DISCARD PILE is shuffled and becomes the new DRAW DECK.

The first fighter to play out all of their cards is deemed the MASTER! Play continues until just two fighters remain, at which point the MASTER may declare a SHOWDOWN!